Eyelids Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeries

Before is the list of the most common Eyelids Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeries performed.

It is a long list so I am doing my reserach on what each one is about.

  • Non incisional
  • double eyelid operation
  • partial incisional
  • double eyelid operation
  • Incisional double eyelid operation
  • revisional double eyelid operation
  • From non-inicision to non-inicision
  • From non-inicision to Inicision
  • From Inicision to incision
  • Fold lowering
  • Fold lowering + Ptosis correction
  • Revisionaldouble eyelid surgery + Ptosis correction
  • upper blepharoplasty
  • lower blepharoplasty
  • fat removal of eyelids
  • epicanthoplasty
  • lateral canthotomy
  • reconstruction of epicanthoplasty
  • reconstruction of lateral canthotomy
  • epicanthal band
  • Canthopexy
  • ptosis correction
  • love band operation(lower eyelid alloderm)
  • Lateral canthotomy + Lateral Hot´z
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