The Face of Kim Kardashian hides the secret of Cosmetic Treatments

The face of Kim Kardashian is not 100% natural beauty, experts say that she often gets her dose of dermal fillers, we can see how those lips look plumped by cosmetic injections and it is also believed that she has got a nose job at one time of her life.

I love her hair, so shinny! It is believed that she also gets hair extensions (since she has shown some bold patches in the past).

Another secret is that she always wears her fake eyelashes + the tons of make up that she normally has on.

Kim Kardashian

Some of my readers have told me that they don’t consider Kim a pretty woman, some people think she is ugly.

I think that it is amazing how this woman and this family receive so much attention and how they have manages to monetize it.

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