Are you considering a Facelift? We have created a Facelift Guide so you can get access to all the information you need to know before making such an important decision.

Deciding to go under a Plastic Surgery Procedure is not an easy thing, it is better to understand everything about it so we can make an informed decision.

We aim the best and we have our personal reasons to make a decision like this one but we should understand that there are risks involved, we should also be clear on what we can expect, false expectations can be terrible, understand that although the majority of the cases are succesul stories there are also some cases where the patient sufferes from unwanted side effects.

It is better if we are prepared and understand the risks of the surgery, how painful it could be, comments from other women that have gone through a Facelift Cosmetic Surgery.

We will be posting comments and reviews from woment that have gone through a Facelift Surgery but we really hope that as soon as this Guide starts to grow more women (especially those who live in Sydney, Australia) will come and leave their comments and stories for other women on what to expect from a Face-Lift.

This Facelift Guide grows week by week, we want to make it a real guide and bring answers to all the questions that women who are considering a Facial Rejuvenation Plastic Surgery.

If you have any more questions we are happy to go out and find the answers for you.

Please leave your comments and thoughts about this FACELIFT GUIDE.

What other questions do you want to know that will help you clarify your fears and thoughts about having or not a Cosmetic Surgery on your face what is one of the most precious parts of your body.

The Facelift Guide

Facelift face lift
Horrible Stories
There are stories that Plastic Surgeons may not tell you but you would also like to know.
Facelift Risks and Possible Side Effects
It is better to understand the risks and consequences of a Facelift, a Facelift is a major surgery that could end up as you wish but there are also some dangers.
Facelift Surgeons
Plastic Surgery is a major procedure, make sure you see a qualified doctor. Ask for his/her credentials before making a big decision.
Facelift Costs and Pricing
How much you can spend, how to finance your surgery, what is the right price to pay… These are questions that women considering a Facelift want to know.

The Facelift Guide does not intend to promote any kind of Plastic or Cosmetic Surgery, Sydney 4 Women does not recommend any Plastic Surgeon that you may find listed here. We just gather information from different sources for your convinience. We do not encourge you nor criticize your decision of getting a Facelift (or any other kind of Plastic Surgery Procedure) we just believe that it is important that you recognise how important it is for you and that you are aware of what it involves.

At the end of the day it is only you who cares about your body, your health and the way you look.

Make sure you see a qualified plastic or cosmetic surgeon depending on the procedure you need.

We do promote Women’s Self Esteem and our purpose is to let you know that it doesn’t matter how you look you are worth it and God loves you!

Again, as we said before this Facelift Guide is here to help you make a better an informed decision but we do not recommend any Cosmetic Procedure, Plastic / Cosmetic Doctor.

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  1. As a qualified Plastic Surgeon, I think you should be advising your readers that most of the doctors that call themselves “cosmetic surgeons” are NOT specialist surgeons, and there is no government or medical authority recognised speciality of “cosmetic surgery”. In Australia, if a surgeon is a specialist surgeon (that is, has undergone formal training in surgery), they should have the letters “FRACS” after their name. Any one who doesn’t, is not a specialist surgeon, despite how they may market themselves and their supposed training and experience.

  2. Dear Dr Merten,

    Thank you very much for your comment. What about answering some questions on an interview mode where you could explain better this important topic for our readers.

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