FaceLift | Reasons Why Women in Sydney Want Facial Plastic Surgery

women need plastic surgery for work needs“Women are under growing pressure to keep looking young at work, leading many to resort to cosmetic surgery” says Emily Chatiri on an Article calles Chasing a Slice of Youth published by BRW Magazine January to February 2011.

The story says that Heat Group (a Cosmetic Brand Marketer) found out on a survey that 85% of 500 women believe there is a greater pressure for women to be attractive at work.

Kateherine Hassler, the managing director of The Cosmetic and Restorative Surgery Clinic in Sydney said that a rising number of younger clients go under the knife to look younger.

She explains that more women look for plastic surgery for rejuvenation for work reasons.

The main reasons why women consider facial cosmetic surgery are:

- coworkers coomenting on how tired they look (droppy eyelids and bags under their eyes)
- they are considered as angry (women who have deep furrows in their brow or frown lines)
- pressure from the media to look young
- discrimination against ageing

Image: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-1200752/Visible-bra-straps-teeny-tops–woman-boss-Dress-office-girls-hen-night.html

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