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Cate Blanchett’s children know “the bets are off” when she has a facemask on.
The Australian actress has three sons with her husband Andrew Upton. Her busy home life and career mean she has a little time for pampering, so when she can take a minute for herself her loved ones understand they have to leave her alone.
“I love shutting the bathroom door and relaxing. The minute my children see me with one of my SK-II Treatment Masks on and I’m wearing my pyjamas, they know all bets are off,” she told British magazine InStyle.
Cate also enjoys spritzing herself with scent and has dreamt up what hers would smell like, should she ever be invited to mix one.
“I love how fragrances hold memories. If I were to make one, it would combine all my favourite smells: mown grass, firewood, the smell of my kids. I love scented candles, too – Diptyque makes some beautiful ones. I go for fresh, peppery smells over sweet scents,” she explained.
The star does experiment with cosmetics on the red carpet but at home she sticks to what she knows. She likes taking tips from friends and colleagues when it comes to beauty products and is a fan of anything which helps tame her tresses.
“I don’t wear a lot of make-up, but I like a nude lip. Edward Bess makes some beautiful nude shades and you’ll always find Chanel lipstick in my make-up bag,” she said.
“My hair goes a bit frizzy sometimes, so I’ll put Moroccanoil on the ends. It’s not too heavy so I can leave it on as a treatment.”

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