Facial Expression Lines & Wrinkles are also visible in Celebrities

I have to accept that I feel happy when I get to see pictures like these ones of famous women who look like real women with wrinkles and signs of age.

We are exposed to so many pictures of the stars with their perfect make ups and even with their retouches that we create an image of women that don’t exist. All women reveal ageing, even the ones who get their doses of Botox.

Wrinkles and facial expression lines are part of being alive. We are not plastic like the image that Miss Kidman sends in with her Barbie looks.

Below Sigourney Weaver shows deep facial wrinkles at 63 and Alice Eve looks gorgeous revealing the signs of turning 31.

SIGOURNEY WEAVER shows wrinkles at 63

Don’t take me wrong, these two beauties look gorgeous but I just want to show how human we all are (including the rich and the famous).

Alice Eve reveals age in a picture of her beautiful face

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