Facial Peels Medical Strength in Sydney

Where to find Medical Strength Facial Peels in different areas in Sydney?

We have created a whole category to list all the bussineses and cosmetic clinics that offer Medical Peels in different areas in sydney.

Skin Peels have been used by dermatologist for many many years and have been proved to be effective.

A skin peel helps our skin to improve the appearance and tone of your skin. Through the process of cell rejuvenation, old surface cells harden and lose moisture, these dead cells dull and dehydrate the skins’s surface causing congestion. Depending on the condition of your skin the strength of the peel can vary from 10-75%.

Skin Peels are also good for acne scars.

Treatment Benefits:

Brightnes and tones the skin, reduces fine lines and pigmentation, eliminates congestion and increases skin and hydration.

Experts say that in order to have more effective results it is better to have a course of treatments

Today Cosmetic Clinics offer Medical Strength Facial Peels Treatments combined with other treatments such as Oxygen Infusion Therapy, Microdermabrassion, Light Therapy.

How much for a Medical Strength Skin Peel?

It dependes on the area your Clinic is located.

I found the following examples for prices in Sydney.

Clinics in the Sydney CBD and Neutral Bay charge around $99 per treatment (Bronzalacious)

Clinics in the Hills District Seven Hills charge around $40 for Pelactiv Acid Peel (Body Zen)

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