Facial Rejuvenation Procedures in Sydney

Before women and men considering a facial rejuvenation procedure only had the option of cosmetic surgery. Today there are many other cosmetic procedures that can give you great results if you want to look younger without having to go through an operation.

Every case is different and it all depends on the results that you want to achieve. It is a good idea to get different opinions from different doctors before you make a decision. Try to understand what are the differences among treatments and define clearly what you want to achieve. Ask your doctor or therapist if the procedure that you select will give you the results that you are expecting to avoid disappointment.

Some of the most common procedures that are available for facial rejuvenation are:

Botox and Wrinkles Injections

This injections are also called fillers

You don’t have to go through an operation
It is good for special events
It is not very expensive (it can be if you get your dose very often)
There are not many risks associated with it


It can freeze the expression of your face
It the long term can be very expensive
Results are not permanent


There are many laser treatments that offer you great results. Skin tightening procedures is one of the good ones. Women that have gone through these treatments show good results.


You don’t have to go through an operation
There are not many risks associated with it


It can be expensive. It requires a few sessions.

Plastic Surgery

Some of the surgeries that doctors perform that help men and women to look younger are:

- Blepharoplasty
- Facelift, Eyebrows lift, neck and forehead lift
- Chin implants (to change the look of the face)


- Results last longer than non-surgical procedures
- You might be able to get some expenses covered by your health fund.


- You have to go through the risks of surgery
- It can be expensive

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