Facial Skin Complexion of Celebrities of Different Colours and Ages

The more I observe pictures of the stars the more I conclude that they are as normal as any other woman. The only secret that they have is that they have the money and the professionals that help them show a beautiful face.

I believe that all women are pretty and also we all have some flaws (even the famous).

I put together a few pictures of some stars of different ages and colours that show how pretty they look when they have make up but also that being imperfect is part of being pretty.

Jamie Luner Facial Close Up | Open Pores

Jessica Suta Nose Job? | Forehead wrinkles are evident

Kerry Washington Facial Close Up | Nose Job? | Dark Eye Circles Yes!

Did you know that most stars get facial treatments and even botox before appearing on the red carpet to show their best?
You might want to pamper yourself and get a facial at a beauty salon or even at home to treat your skin and make it look better. This will make you feel really good!

Grace Valerie | Skin, Make Up & Nose Job?

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