Facial Treatments | Choosing the right one | Beauty Therapist’s Advice

There is a great number of facial treatments that are available right now in the market for women.
Choosing the right treatment depends on what is the condition that you want to treat.

The most popular conditions that women want to get a treatment for are:
- Acne
- Acne Scarring
- Wrinkles
- Facial Rejuvenation
- Sagging Skin
- Dark Circles Around the Eyes
- Opened Pores

Today we can find many treatments in the market.

1. Creams and Facials
We can start by mentioning the traditional facial treatments such as facials and creams.
New technologies have emerged to offer new facial treatments to treat special conditions. These technologies can be anything from laser, microdermabrassion, IPL to Cosmetic Surgery.

2. Injectables
Cosmetic Injections and Dermal Fillers are other different “treatments” that women get to reduce the appearance of wrinkles or to increase the size of her lips.

Choosing the right treatment depends on what you want to achieve.

Everyday Facial Treatments

If you want to give good maintenance to your face, keep your face clean and pamper yourself a traditional facial would have a great result. It is also an excellent way to pamper yourself and increasing your self-esteem when you devote that time to get looked after by a beauty professional.

Technology for complex situations

If you have a severe condition that is affecting you and you really feel that you want to do something about it you could consider a treatment that involves technology. Fraxel Laser for example has been proven to provide great results to women with facial scars. Microdermabrasion is another good option that can also be found at beauty therapist’s rooms.


You also have to consider how much you want to spend on the treatment. Where a facial would cost you around $50 dollars if you decide to go for Botox or other Cosmetic Injections you have to calculate the amount of money you would be paying every 3 months to keep on the desired results. The prices for treatments such as microdermabrassion can vary. I read an article at the Daily Mail the other day that said that Minka Kelly paid $7,000 dollars for a microdermabrasion treatment.

These cosmetic treatments offer specific solutions but you have to keep in mind that they also involve risks and secondary effects that you might better be aware of them before making a decision.

Another thing that almost anybody mentions is about your values when chosing the right treatment. You also have to be comfortable with the decision you made and feel that is something that really goes with your mindset. If you are an “organic food” kind of person and “natural therapies” is your thing it will be very hard for you to cope with a “cosmetic surgery” decision. Although we get to see celebrities like this all the time that send us double messages and in a way contribute to create confussion in what we really want. Madonna for example is the “fitness girl” with an “organic diet” that goes for cosmetic surgery very often.

In short I would say:

1. Define what is what you want to achieve with the facial treatment you want to get
2. Do some research there are many treatments available
3. Ask someone you trust (your beauty therapist could be a good option about pros and cons)
4. Understand the risks. I’d go what is bigger: the risk or the benefit.
5. Give small steps. If you have never done anything to your face it will be harder to go from zero to cosmetic surgery.
6. Chose a treatment and a therapist that you trust
7. Don’t decided based on what is cheaper
8. This is the last but not the least: learn to accept yourself and practice loving yourself in the mirror. Remember you don’t have to look like any celebrity and most pictures famous women that we get to see in magazines have been retouched.

If it was me giving you advice on the treatment you should go for I would:
1. Assess what is what you want to achieve
2. Educate you in the different treatments that can help you
3. Explain you the risks and costs
4. If I cannot provide you with the particular treatment you are interested in I could refer you to the appropriate clinic or surgeon
5. Make sure you are happy with the decision you are making
6. I would mention about natural treatments that could help you to look at your best (however I understand that holistic treatments have limitations when we match them to the clients’ expectations.

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