Fake Tan… Increases your chances of getting cancer!

Women wearing a bikini and showing her tanned skin

NYC city is launching a new offensive to monitor tanning salons and warn customers of the dangers of skin cancer from overexposure to UV radiation.

A health crusade is being held in New York to create a better awareness of the terrible side effects that tanning machines have in your skin. It is an anti-tanorexic plan that is expected to adopt the new rules, which would take effect in the spring following public hearings.

According to the NYPost these are some of the proposed rules:

— Require the Health Department to inspect tanning salons, UV machines and timers at least once every two years. Machines that don’t meet standards would be shut.
— Crack down on unlicensed operators. There are 106 tanning salons with permits, but officials suspect there are others operating illegally
— For the first time, require operators of UV equipment to undergo training
— Enforce the law that bars adolescents under 17 from frequenting tanning shops
— Launch a public education campaign at the tanning salons to warn New Yorkers — particularly kids — of the dangers of too much UV radiation.

“There is no doubt that tanning increases the risk of skin cancer. Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer,” said Daniel Kass, the city’s deputy health commissioner for environmental health. “We want to make sure kids are not using these salons.”

Last year, nearly 900 city residents suffered from melanoma, the most severe form of skin cancer.

That’s double the number of the 1990s.

And 100 New Yorkers died from melanoma in 2012, Kass said.

Authorities increased their focus on tanning salons after tanning-addicted New Jersey mom Patricia Krentici was busted for bringing her 5-year-old daughter inside a tanning booth.

Officials said many young people are ignorant about the dangers of overexposure to UV radiation Sixty percent of young tanners nationwide have suffered from burns, Kass said.
Under the proposal, the city Health Department would assume oversight of tanning salons from the state, which issues their permit. Officials said the local health agency has more resources and manpower to monitor salons than its state counterpart.

The war against dangerous tanning skin cancer is a fitting ending to Bloomberg’s 12-year tenure as an aggressive enforcer of public health.

Under his rule, the city banned smoking and trans fats, required the listing of calories in fast food restaurants and waged campaigns against calorie-laden sodas and other sugary drinks to fight obesity.

I found this article very interesting to share. In Australia we have campaigns that have created great results in how people understand now the risks of getting a tan. This US campaign made me think if we need to create more awareness of the risks associated with fake tanning. I have the impression that some women feel it is safer to go for a fake tan. The only fake tan that is safer is the spray tanning but machines are very dangerous. Think twice before getting a fake tan in a machine.

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