10 Famous Bodies Before & After Drastic Weight Loss (or Gain)

Nicole Richie Before and After Sever Weight Loss

I was reading an article about Body Issues in Society that talks about how people tend to idealize other’s peoples bodies and when it comes to celebrities we women tend to believe that they are much slimmer than what they actually are.

I have been following the weight loss journey of quite a few celebrities and one thing I have learned is that they are not as perfect as we imagine. When we see them in their glossy magazines they all seem to be perfect with not physical flaws at all.

The truth is that they are real women just like you and me and many of them were not even as slim as you get to see them now.

It is a hard topic and it is not easy to give an opinion about thinking in a celebrity as an inspiring example to lose weight. Once my personal trainer told me that we (normal women) should never compare with the Hollywood Stars. I remember well his words: “they have access to the best personal trainers, diets and they even have staff that cooks for them”.

It is true but I think that looking at other women that have succeeded in their weight loss battles is inspirational.

So I am publishing this article for 2 reasons:

1. to remind you that not even celebrities are perfect, we all gain weight
2. we can all loose weight if we put the energy and effort that is necessary

Let’s have a look to some of the pictures from the stars that have had dramatic changes in their body image and weight.

1. Nicole Richie

The picture above shows Nicole Richie in 2013 compared to how she looked when she had excess weight. I don’t really know when the super star was this fat I found an article dated 2007 that says “remember when Nicole Richie was the fat friend” so I am guessing that she had this weight and body shape long time ago.

2. Jessica Simpson

Below we have Jessica Simpson who had a baby recently and she signed a contract with Weight Watchers to prove that the meals work for weight loss. The contract is millionaire and the blond singer struggled to deliver the slim results taht she was supposed to. After so many dramas (like appearing on TV ad showing just her face) she ended up being pregnant again. Since she is expecting her second baby the campaigned was stopped. Below is a good picture where she appeared the slimmest after the first baby once born a few months later.

Jessica Simpson | Before & After | Fat VS. Slim

3. Hilary Duff

I recently found that picture of Hilary Duff where she seems to have had terrible excess weight. Hilary is now going through the journey of losing her extra weight after pregnancy and she has been doing it well (and slowly) but here she seems to be winner with the weight battle.

Hilary Duff After & Before Severe Weight Loss

Hilary Duff After & Before Severe Weight Loss

4. Ricki Lee

Ricki Lee is one of the sexiest Australian Ladies at the moment but she hasn’t been like this always. When she started singing we got to meet her with a heavier body. The star who participated at the popular Australian Idol Contest is now an inspiration for Australian Women who want to loose weight.

Ricki Lee Before and After

Ricki Lee Before and After

5. Jennifer Hudson

JEnnifer Hudson is another star that wasn’t known as a slim woman. Now she is curvy and sexy but she wasn’t this thin before.

Jennifer Hudson Before and After

Jennifer Hudson Before and After

“I didn’t realise that so many people were watching me or that so many people were interested,’ she revealed. ‘Now people come up to me saying, “You’ve inspired me” and I’m like, “Wow”‘.

… says Jennifer in the April issue of Essence magazine, 80-pounds slimmer figure on the cover.

6. Lady Gaga

In the other hand LAdy Gaga has created lots of scandals since she has appeared looking bolder but you know her. She doesn’t care, she has even confessed that she is proud of her body image since she had Anorexia problems before.

Lady Gaga gained weight

Lady Gaga gained weight

7. Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera is one of the famous hotties that is now creating healdines for her heavy appearance.

Christina  Aguilera after and before gaining weight

Christina Aguilera after and before gaining weight

8. Nicole Richie Again

Nicole Richie again in this picture. This star also went through the extreme and she had kind of anorexic problems. We got to see her very sim too.

Nicole Richie when she became very skinny.

Nicole Richie when she became very skinny.

9. Kelly Osbourne

Kelly Osbourne is another beautiful young lady that has had her weight loss journey. She lost a lot of weight and she has managed to stay slim. The star has confessed that it is all due to her Vegan diet.
Kelly Osbourne Fat Vs Slim

Kelly Osbourne Before and After Extreme Weight Loss

10. Cheryl Cole

Below we bet to see Cheryl Cole who wasn’t really fat but she was not as slim and sexy as she is now.

Cheryl Cole in 2003 and now

Cheryl Cole Befor and After Weight Loss

I hope this post could help you to rembember that nobody is perfect and even if you are super heavy you can loose the excess fat.

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