Famous Women with Postnatal Depression

Postnatal depression is something that happens indeed to women who are meant to be the happiest women in the world after the joy that the birth of a baby gives you.

Some ladies have a hard time during this period when hormones and changes occur.

I like the fact that famous women are speaking about it so we ‘normal’ women without fame don’t feel alone.

The Australian presenter: Jessica Rowe is one of the famous Aussie Stars that is working actively in campaigns that create awareness of the problem.

Andrea McLean, the star of Loose Women (you can see ther picture above) has spoken in her book ‘Confessions of a Good Girl’ about how hard it was for her to cope with her mental state.

One day she got help from a doctor and was prescribed with anti-depressants. It took just one month for her to start feeling better.

‘I know some people think antidepressants are a crutch for pathetic people who can’t deal with life. But they are wrong,’ she said.

‘Within a month of taking my tablets I woke up one day and felt like someone had flicked a switch in my brain.’ (source: DailyMail)

I am not writing this article to encourage women to go and get anti-depressants, I just want to say that postnatal depression can be terrible for a lot of women and that you can get help from a doctor so you can cope better during this hard time.

I still remember those tough times and I regret I didn’t get any help!

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