Famous Women show their boobs and abs in tiny bikinis

It is spring and for many of the stars it is time to show off their amazing bodies.

Here we have some snaps that I have put together to celebrate the beauty of female bodies.

Julianne Moore and Nina Dodrev in Bikini show their amazing abs

I like this snaps, no photoshop! We get to admire their real bodies without retouches. We get to observe how we all have different body shapes. Including the celebrities with their amazing bodies they don’t have the body type that glossy magazines presents. Natural bodies are far more better: athletic, skinny, curvy whatever it is we are not the same and we are not meant to be!

Below Julianne Moore showing off her trimmed abs

Julianne Hough shows abs and small boobs in bikini

This is Nina Dodrev enjoyint the water and the sun

Nina Dodrev Bikini Body 2013 showing abs

Together Julianne Moore and Nina Dodrev show how beautiful their body skin looks

Julianne Moore and Nina Dodrev in Bikini show their amazing abs

Michelle Rodriguez had a splash and we even get to see her a bit nipply

Michelle Rodriguez in tiny bikini

Vida Guerra shows her big curves

I am proud of my big curves and maybe I have a boob job: Vida Guerra

Kelly Osbourne who once was a lady with excess weight shows a tummy with no fat

Kelly Osborune Bikini body

In full colour Doutzen Kroes also shows her super flat stomach

Doutzen Kroes stomach in tiny bikini

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