Farhi won’t rush catwalk return

Nicole Farhi at the Catwalk

Nicole Farhi won’t stage a fashion show until it is “healthy”.

The company went into administration earlier in the summer but was saved after Maxine Hargreaves-Adams agreed a deal to buy the label.

Jo Sykes is the fashion house’s creative director and is looking forward to showing how much it still has to offer.

“We are working on getting the infrastructure sorted before getting back on the catwalk,” she told vogue.co.uk.

“Of course it’s fun to put on a show and we will get the brand there again but there’s no point in putting on a starry show and pretending everything is OK behind the scenes when it patently hasn’t been.

“It’s important to remember that you’re clothing people so first you need to make sure everything is beautifully made, it fits and it arrives on time. We’re providing a service – so what’s the point if you don’t do that? When we do a show we want it to be indicative of a healthy business.”

It’s the second time Jo has been through such an issue as she was also at the helm of Aquascutum when it collapsed. This time around she is feeling positive, mostly because she has such a great working relationship with Maxine.

“She quite obviously comes from a retail background and understands what we need to do to make the business work, which is focus on the back-of-house organisation,” Jo explained. “But she also really loves clothes – she called me when she was thinking of investing to make sure I was really on board with the brand and then came in and was trying everything on; looking inside all the garments. She’s in for the right reasons. What went so wrong at Aquascutum was that they didn’t seem to realise that if you have good creative then you’re half way there.”

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