Fashionable Bikinis that Celebrities Prefer

Bethenny Frankel wears a red bikini and shows amazing body
Bethenny Frankel
Age: 42
The actress wears a red bikini and shows off her sexy body.

Kate Beckinsale wears a white bikini
Kate Beckinsale wears a white bikini with boy cut undies

What kind of swimming costume celebrities wear?

Naomi Campbell
English Model
Age: 43

The sexy supermodel wears a white bikini with a romantic style that contrasts beautifully with her dark skin.

Naomi Campbell wears a white bikini

The stars have been out enjoying the beach and the sun and by the way they have been showing off their amazing bodies (without photoshop). Another important factor here is the fashion and the outfits that they have selected. Let’s check out what type of bikinis they wear that favour their different body types, we can see in the pictures below that we have the skinny and the curvy type of woman.

Enjoy the fashion parade and remember they are famous, these women are not the average type of body.

You will find pictures of 12 stars: models, singers, actress and TV personalities from 20 to 51 years old wearing bikinis. I loved these images because this is what they wear for their holidays, not what they were paid to wear in a photoshooting.

Age: 25
Rihanna wearing a triangle bikini
Rihanna chose the bikini triangle that suits well a slim lady like her. I love the contrast of her skin colour and the mint tone of the swimming attire.

Maria Menounos
TV presenter
Age: 35
Maria Menounos wearing a triangle bikini with the Greek Flag
Fashion experts say that the TV personality is showing with pride the Greek Flag in this costume. Personal Stylist would go against horizontal lines in an outfit because they add volume but Maria shows how this pattern can look very nice. I believe if you have a body like hers you can wear whatever you want.

Taylor Swift
Singer and songwrither
Age: 23
Taylor Swift wearing a high waisted bikini
Taylor wears a retro highwaisted bikini that suits her Romantic Style.

Heather Locker
TV actress
Age: 51
Heather Locker wears a fashionable bikini top
Heather Locker pairs her sexy and fashionable white bikini with a pretty ‘hand made’ looking mini-skirt. Consider that she is over 50 and the famous personality is still wearing a bikini.

Kate Upton
Age: 21
Kate Upton wears a red bikini
The model and cover of Elle Magazine shows her curvy body in a natural shot. I loved it because all the pictures that we see of her is when she is posing for a photo shooting.

Nicole Richie
Fashion Designer and Television personality
Age: 31
Nicole Richie wears a retro golden bikini
Slim Nicole Richie wears a golden retro bikini while she is enjoying the sun in a boat treat.

Cara Delevinge
Actress & Model
Age: 20
Cara Delevinge wears a black and white bikini
This trendy and innovative bikini looks fantastic in Cara Delevinge, the young and beautiful star looks quite pretty and slim.

Cameron Diaz
Age: 40
Cameron Diaz wears a strapless bikini
the actress shows off her sculptural body while she enjoys her time having a dip. Her printed bikini reminds me of a snake.

Alessandra Ambrosio
Brazilian Model, Victoria’s Secret Angel
Age: 32
Alessandra Ambrosio wears a colourful bikini
The super model displays her curves and good taste for choosing her beach attire.

Doutzen Kroes
Model, Actress and Victoria’s Secret Angel
Age: 28
Doutzen Kroes wearing a non-matching bikini
The model flaunts a non-matching beach attire that looks cute on her.

About the fashion trend I can see that there is not really a trend, all these bikinis are different, different in colours and different in shapes, we see very thin stripes and wider stripes too. Some of these stars went for the triangle top, others were wearing the strapless kind and even the bra type. The bottoms are also different from high waisted to low cut. Interesting to see that there is not just one trend. The tip that you can learn from them is pick a bikini that suits your body type and most importantly something that you like and if possible try to reflect part of your personality in your swimming costume. Have fun wearing your beach attires.

Hayden Leslie Panettiere in bikini

Hayden Leslie Panettiere
Age: 24
American Actress

I hope you have enjoyed these pictures. They were posted with the intention of checking out what kind of clothes celebrities wear when they are on the beach having fun, not posing. These images do not intend to affect any women with body image issues. Yes, most of these ladies have amazing bodies and perfectly flat abs. Most women don’t look like this, remember they are famous and they go through a lot to be this slim. I hope you have enjoyed the fashion parade of these beautiful famous ladies.

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