Fat Freezer

Fat could be frozen away.


It’s being hailed as the most effective non-surgical way to blitz fat that no amount of exercise nor diet will shift.

But would you fancy having your lumps and bumped literally frozen away?

Judging by the popularity of Cooltech treatments, it seems lots would consider it.

“The principle behind this device is called Cryolipolysis,” explains top cosmetic surgeon Dr Alex Karidis.

“This literally means breakdown or destruction of fat through the application of cooling.

“It has been proven that fat freezes at a higher temperature than the rest of the skin does.

“Therefore at a certain temperature you can freeze the fat, but not harm the skin.”

One of Cooltech’s biggest advantages is that it’s effective at targeting stubborn areas of your body such as the stomach, love handles and back.

So it’s being marketed as a non-invasive option for people who are finding it difficult to shift fat in those particular areas.

But it begs the question, where on earth does the frozen fat go?

“The exposure to cooling causes a localised inflammatory response in the fat cells within the treated area,” explains Dr Karidis.

“This, in turn, will damage the fat cells by rupturing them, thereby releasing their contents.

“These contents are then naturally flushed away from your body over the next couple of months.

“This of course ultimately leads to a gradual reduction of the thickness of the fat layer which in turn reduces the visible bulges within two to four months,” he adds.

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