Looking Fat Lady Gaga?

2 pictures of Lady Gaga showing excess fat in bum and legs

Being noticed is the price of fame. For good and for bad if you are as famous as Lady Gaga people will notice if you add kilos to your body shape.

Rumours say that Lady Gaga appears to have gained at least 30 pounds.

It is not easy to stay slim and Gaga has admitted in before.

Writing on her Twitter page, the singer caused controversy saying: ‘Just killed back to back spin classes. Eating a salad dreaming of a cheeseburger #PopSingersDontEat #IWasBornThisWay.’

The singer also has admitted that she loves food, especially Italian cuisine, the 26 year-old has confessed that she can’t get enough of it.

‘The rumours I am a dab hand in the kitchen are completely true,’ Lady Gaga has said.
‘I come from an Italian family – what more can I say? I love to cook. I am really good at Italian food. So I make great meatballs, pasta and all sorts. I love it.’

Images say more than words and these pictures provide evidence that Gaga’s diet is not really helping the star to achieve the ideal celebrity body shape.

Celebrities normally get advice from personal stylists that help them to choose outfits that are more flattening but Gaga went for an outfit that reveals more than the necessary excess fat that women normally want to show.

Gaga’s fans don’t seem to be bothered about the singer’s excess weight, she is still talented and that is what counts. Gaga loves attention and she is getting it, after all we are talking about her and showing her pictures of her presentation in Amsterdam.

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Looking Fat Lady Gaga? — 6 Comments

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  4. Guys when you post stories like this, make sure they are true! 100%. Yes, she gained weight but those pictures are over exaggerated. My sister went to go see her a couple of days before the pictures came out and she said Gaga looked bigger, but healthier. She said these picture are 100% photoshoped.

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