When you feel other people hate you

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Katie Eary used to worry people would “hate” her ideas.

The blonde designer helms a menswear label and has previously worked for brands including Levi.

When launching her eponymous line in 2009, which features bright and bold pieces, Katie admits she felt the need to provoke a strong reaction from others in the industry to get their attention.

“I used to worry people would hate what I did. I think I have an issue because I’ve come from nothing and others have had it handed to them, so I’ve been a bit aggressive, putting things in people’s faces,” she told British newspaper The Metro.

“I overcompensate because of where I’m from. I want to impress people; I want them to feel something. But if they’re going to hate it, I’m going to give them a reason to hate it.”

Katie is also a fan of tailored pieces. She puts her love of structured designs down to Saint Laurent creative director Hedi Slimane.

“I’d never seen tailoring the way he did it in 2006. He picked young boys and put them in slim-fitted suits. I didn’t think of a suit being worn by a slim 17-year-old,” Katie recalled.

“Suits were for older people who worked in a bank, not this cool kid who’s in a band and is sassy. It put tailoring in a whole new context for me.”

The star has put her twist on tailored designs by giving them a punk finish. However, she is agitated by how easy it now is for people to create their own graphic pieces and steal the spotlight from professionals.

“Now, anyone can take an image off the internet, put it on a T-shirt and call themselves a designer. It’s an insult to have people ripping you off based on an image you’ve used. I just can’t deal with it,” she sighed.

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