Female Bodies Have A Natural Tummy

Candice & Lily Show that female bodies naturally have a tummy even when they have a super flat stomach

I went to see a Personal Trainer this morning because although my body is quite slim I still have a tummmy that I don’t like and I would like have a flatter tummy.

He took my measurements and asked me what I eat and what kind of exercises I do and of course how often I exercise.

His answer is that doing crunches and crunches won’t be enough, I either have to eat less or exercise more. I have a very healthy diet and I exercise 7 days a week. So he reckons I have to start being happy with my body since I am a yummy mummy with 2 kids and delicious curves. My option is to go skinny (without the extra centimetres of stomach) but look scary and starving.

Karina Guerra Slim Body in Red Jeans

I reckon I will go for curvy rather than hungry with a flat stomach.

Above is the picture of the beautiful VS models Candice and Lily who show who women are naturally meant to have some visible tummy.

Is Body Image my problem? I don’t think so, I believe I am happy with myself!

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