Female Celebrities with Cosmetic Surgery Starting with A | Before and After Pictures

Are they rumors or have these stars gone through cosmetic surgery. Most of them have! Check out her before and after pictures.

The most popular surgeries celebrities go through are: nose jobs and boob jobs but others also get tummy tucks, chin implants, cheek implants and even buttock implants.

The older ones go for face and eye lift and the not too old get lots of non-surgical procedures such as botox injections to look younger.


  • Abigail Breslin – We have some before and after pictures that prove that she hasn’t got cosmetic surgery yet.
  • Adele Silva
  • Adrienne Bailon
  • – It is unclear if Adrienne has gone through the knife or not. I found a very old picture of the actress and when I compared it with the newer one it looks like her nose was wider before. One of her beauty secrets of the American actress and singer is that she has fake eyelashes to make her eyes look bigger.

  • Agyness Deyn
  • – Agyness is the kind of girl that looks effortlessly beautiful. I don’t think she has got a plastic surgery. You can see pictures of her here.

  • Aisha Tyler
  • – There are rumours that Aisha who is a celebrity with dark skin has got a nose job.

  • Aishwarya Rai
  • – Recent pics of Aishwayra show that the Indian film actress and model has put on some extra kilos.

  • Alana Curry
  • – The big boobs of the actress create rumours of possible implants and even a possible breast reduction surgery. Her face also looks a bit plastic.

  • Alana Grace
  • – One of the young celebrities in Hollywood. Rumours say she has got a rhinoplasty.

  • Alesandra Ambrossio – It looks like the Victoria Secret’s model hasn’t had any surgery yet. But I still wonder how can she have those amazing abs without a sign of pregnancy at all if she is a happy mother.
  • Alexa Davalos
  • – Has this tiny nose being modified by a surgeon?

  • Alexa Vega
  • – Watch her photo and decide if Alexa had an operation.

  • Alexis Bledel
  • – Plastic surgery for this beautiful face?

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