Female Plastic Surgeon Botched 9 Women’s Breasts in A Reconstructive Surgery

The Daily Mail published a scary story of a female plastic surgeon who botched 9 women during their reconstructive plastic surgery procedures.

Nine women, including cancer survivors, have claimed a female plastic surgeon botched their breast reconstructive surgeries and then falsified medical records to cover up her alleged mistakes.
Some of the women say they are still battling infections caused by the surgery while others say they have been left permanently maimed.
The nine women have filed a lawsuit against Dr Alina Sholar while she worked at Medical Cosmetic Center in Evansville, Indiana.
Legal papers reveal that one woman claimed she developed an infection after an implant sizer that had already been used on another patient was given to her.

Pain and skin problems after the procedure

Implant sizers are only supposed to be used once and are used to stretch the skin before implants are inserted.
Helen Lynn of Dawson Springs, Kentucky claimed that after undergoing reconstructive surgery in 2007 the surgical wound on her breast became extremely painful before it finally burst open, exposing the silicone implant.
She said Sholar treated and restitched the wound, but it continued to be infected.

Infection and surgery

The legal papers reveal that Lynn saw another doctor who said she had developed cellulitis in her breast.
She had to be hospitalized, and given intravenous antibiotics, according to the Courier Press.
A surgeon later removed her right breast implant to combat the infection, according to the complaint.
Cheryl Schapker of Evansville claimed that her implant popped out of her breast when her surgical wound split open.

According to her complaint, Schapker’s breasts had been infected for a while, but Sholar refused to treat the infection.
Schapker had to see another doctor to treat the infection after the implant burst from her chest.

Another case

Another woman Juliana Camp, of Boonville, said in her legal complaint she underwent a double mastectomy in 2008 after being diagnosed with breast cancer.
The wound on her breast never healed throughout her reconstructive surgeries, causing significant scarring, according to her complaint.

‘It is unlikely that Mrs Camp will be able to undergo nipple reconstruction due to the extent of the scarring,’ the complaint reads.

The doctor falsified medical records

A number of the women said Shola falsified their medical records, but details were not given.
Dr Sholar was sacked from the Medical Cosmetic Centre in 2009 before the lawsuits were filed.
The official reason was ‘a difference in philosophy’, said Lisa Hastetter, Medical Cosmetic Center’s administrator.
‘There were a lot of issues. (The lawsuits are) all very similar.’
Dr Sholar, who now practices plastic surgery at The Sholar Centre in Evansville, refused to comment.
‘There’s a lot more to the situation than I can comment about,’ said Michele Bryant, Sholar’s lawyer.
‘It is more complicated then I can comment about. I’m sure people are curious about why there are multiple cases.’

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