Find The Best Microdermabrassion Beauty Treatments in Sydney

microdermabrassion facial treatments in sydneyMicrodermabrassion has  also been refereed to as  the “lunch time peel”, “power peel”,  ”Parisian Peel” or “Derma Peel”.

Why is Microdermabrassion so popular?

Micro-dermabrassion Treatments are very popular because they are non-invasive.  A microdermabrasion procedure employs an abrassive substance like aluminium oxide to gently exfoliate the upper most layer of the skin epidermis.  Some microdermabrassion facial therapists also apply vitamins Infusion in your lovely face.

What can dermabrassion be used for?

- It gives you good results with acne scars, rough and uneven texture skin, acne and enlarged pores, hyperkeratosis (excessive thickening), skin ageing, athropic skin, skin damaged, pigmentation, small wrinkles and fine lines.

How much for a microdermabrassion treatment in Sydney?

At Clear Skin Clinic they charge $88 for the microdermabrassion and $55 for the Vitamin Infusion. If you do both together you pay $130 (This Cosmetic Clinic has different locations at
Edgecliff – Sydney Bondi Junction, Sydney – Parramatta – Sydney – Cremorne – Sydney – Leichhardt – Sydney I- Miranda – Sydney – Clarence st, Sydney
Rockdale – Sydney – Adelaide St – Brisbane City – South Bank – Brisbane – Collins St – Melbourne City

In Blacktown Spa D’or they charge$120 for a 45 minutes treatment.

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