Flat Abs From Exercise Are Different to Tummy Tuck Stomachs

Jennie Garth, the 40-year-old former 90210 actress was spotted showing off her washboard abs in a green crop top and low-slung jogging bottoms as she headed out on a morning run in Los Angeles on Tuesday.

Mother-of-three Jennie has lost a significant amount of weight since announcing her split from Twilight star Peter Facinelli earlier this year, but friends of the actress insist that she’s ‘happier than ever’.

I thought this is a great picture to show you girls because if you observe her abs, she looks naturally and beautifully imperfect.

Honestly girls, I have been exercising hard after having my 2 daughters and my stomach has never come back exactly to what it was before. Maybe today is much more stronger because I consciously work on it but I don’t think it will ever get the same as it was before pregnancy.

I get upset when I see those pictures of those famous celebrities that show perfect abs without a sign of pregnancy on their bodies.

I believe Jennie Garth shows the pictures of real body.

A friend told Us Weekly magazine: ‘She looks like the old Jennie! When you get sad, you either overeat or you become really healthy. Jennie’s taking care of herself -she’s taken control of her situation,

‘Before, she used to be like, “OK, let’s cover me up”. And now she’s more open-minded about having fun with her clothes. She’s feeling good in her skin.’

She told Entertainment Tonight Canad: ‘I think anybody who has been through something like what I’m going through and have been going through for the past couple years, can definitely relate that your body changes with your emotional state of mind sometimes.

Jennie admitted in a recent interview that her weight loss is a direct result from her divorce, because her emotions are so heavily tied to her diet.

Not long ago Jennie also showed her bikini body in Las Vegas.

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