Flat Stomachs of the Young Stars

Hollywood offers a wide variety of entertainment. Celebrities don’t only entertain us when they are paid for it. We love to see them anywhere and at any time. That is why paparazzis make a lot of money, they provide us with pictures of celebrities in their real lives.

If we can see some skin, admire their bikini bodies, we love to see what they wear on their everyday lives. It looks like they enjoy too to expose their bodies to the lenses of photographers. Everyday we can treat our eyes with at least one famous star showing of her bikini body.

Stars know that we are ready to spot any imperfection, like we have done before here at sydney4women where we show real pictures of celebrities with body imperfections such as cellulite and stretch marks. When they are happy with their body shapes they put on the tiniest bikinis to be admired.

Young celebrities have a hard competition with older celebrities that work out hard to keep up with their careers.

Celebrities in their 40s and even those who are mums show us very often great body shapes. Younger celebrities who have faster metabolisms (handy to stay slim) have to show us their flat stomachs and lean bodies too.

Today is the turn for Ashely Tisdale who is enjoying the sun in California wearing a tiny bikini. The former Disney Star is now 27 years old.

Yesterday we saw Hayden Patteniere.

Last week we also saw Kelly Brook who is not very skinny compared to the older model Elle MacPherson.

In the Gallery we can also see Carrie Underwood who is not very flat (the one holding the beer), Gabriel Union, the Australian Star Sharni Binision and the English Star Lucy Macklenburgh.

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