Flattering Hairstyles: Adele & Thandine

Plastic Surgery for Thandine Newton
We tend to believe that all what the stars do to look prettier is getting plastic surgery. Some of them do (of course, we have seen thousands in this blog) but many of them just get some help of more simple procedures that really help them a lot.

What do the 2 pictures of these two beautiful women have in common here?

Well, these 2 gorgeous ladies have got the expert advice of a hairstylist to make their faces look slimmer and I think they achieved it. This perfectly coiffed beehive style that Adele is wearing below paired with that centered fringe creates a flattering look for Adele. We all know Adele is not precisely a slim lady and after giving birth we all tend to put some extra weight on but here Adele looks just gorgeous given the fact that she does have a very pretty face.

So to create the look and make your face look slimmer get a part-centred fringe.

In the picture above Thandine Newton also covers her cheeks so her face looks slimmer. Thandine is giving frame to her face with a Bardot touch. The idea of Thandine’s hairstylist is to make her look effortlessly chick.

Adele's Face looks slimmer with this haircut

Another options is just the traditional fringe. If your face is very round a fringe will visually reduce the roundness of your face. Think Emily Deschanel as you can see below.

I am sure you can replicate both of the looks above.

if you have a round face or extra kilos don’t wear a very short necklace that will emphasize the excess weight in your face

Z Deschanel's fringe: Ideal for round face women

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