How Much Foundation to Apply & Pics of the Stars

How much foundation is too much foundation?

I was having a look to some pictures of famous stars on recent events and almost all of them seem to have lots and lots of foundation on their beautiful faces.

Let’s have a look:

Sophia Bush’s face shows a lot of foundation click on the image to see an enalarged picture.

Brittany Snow at the Autumn Party in Hollywood.

Beauty Experts from the Oprah website suggest the following tips for applying foundation:

    Use your fingers to apply liquid and cream foundations, because the heat generated helps to warm up the pigment, making it easy to blend.
    Use a sponge if you want a sheer look; it absorbs a lot of the foundation, taking down its intensity. But since you’ll go through your foundation much quicker, apply with a sponge only on days you want minimal coverage. Lightly press it into the skin in a blotting motion. (Sweeping the sponge across your face will create streaking.) If you want a dewier look, dampen the sponge with water before dipping it into the foundation.
    Use a brush for depositing the pigment most evenly. For liquid foundation, choose a tapered synthetic brush with a tip about one and a half inches long. (The tapered tip allows you to get into the areas around your nose and under your eyes, and the synthetic bristles don’t absorb too much product.) Tap the end of the brush into the foundation and “paint” it across your forehead, down your nose, across your cheekbones, and on your chin. In sweeping motions, blend the pigment into the skin until it’s invisible. For powder foundations, use a thick, fluffy brush—it imparts a soft, seamless finish, Mercier says. Choose one made of natural bristles; they’re porous, so they grip the powder, preventing you from depositing too much. In a circular, buffing motion, swirl the brush against your face, starting from the center.

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Gemma Arterton Cosmetic Sugery
Shay Maria Armpits

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