Freezing Fat | ColdSculpting | Loose Centimetres from Your Stomach

As seen in Today Tonight:

“A weird thing to freeze fat cell so they never returns” that can save you from getting an operation invented in Harvard.

Get the shape you are after with this Freezing Fat Technology called ColdSculpting that helps to loose centimetres of your stomach without exercise and diet.

Happy Testimonials tell you how they are wearing smaller clothing sizes.

How long can this procedure take?

The procedures takes one hour.

“This is a less invasive way to loose weight”

There is no downtime and you select the area that you want to be treated.

How painful is it?

It is not painful.

How does Fat Freezing work?

It is similar to a very strong vacuum. The cold air comes out onto the stomach (if you select that area)

It reduces the temperature of the fat so that the fat cells are killed and the skin stays intact.

It is not for overweight people, it is not a replacement with liposuction.

How much does ColdSculpting can cost in Sydney?

The treatment costs between $600 and $1000 dollars

Is it a replacement for liposuction?

It helps with the small fat areas that won’t burn with exercise.

Are there any secondary effects?

It is a walk in, walk out procedure.  Secondary effects are minimal.   Maybe a little bit of bruising.

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