Frida is River of Words

Gucci Presents The Restoration Premiere Of "Rebel Without A Cause" At LACMA. Frida is Talkative


Frida Giannini has been described as a “river of words” by her partner Patrizio di Marco.

The Gucci creative director and CEO have worked together since 2008 and began a personal relationship in 2009.

And despite only getting to spend eight to ten days together a month, they still can’t help but take work issues home with them.

“She’s like a river of words that goes on for three hours,” Patrizio told The Wall Street Journal.

He says he listens and waits for his turn.

“And then I say, ‘Okay, now..’ And she says, ‘No, no, I’m too tired.’”

“Usually, when I’ve had enough, I leave the room,’ Frida nods in agreement.

Occasional tensions at home are nothing compared to their first meeting.

In 2008, Patrizio had just been hired by François-Henri Pinault and Frida, then creative director, “heard rumours that she could be out of a job.”

“Patrizio was the fourth CEO I’d had at the company, and I was still there, so I thought, I can survive,” Frida recalled.

Instead, she worried that he would put the brand’s sexiness on ice.

“I was scared because I didn’t want to go too much in the direction of Bottega Veneta [his former brand]. I thought, ‘We can’t lose this edgy sexiness.’”

They met at her Florence office that October. In a completely understandable power move, she seated her new CEO on a low couch “while she towered over him in a chair.”

That meeting lasted eight hours and at the end Frida admits she thought “He’s quite handsome.”

The couple began working together before becoming a couple during a 2009 trip to Shanghai.

Last year they welcomed a daughter called Greta.

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