GAIA SPA & Retreat Reviews | Olivia Newton John | As Seen in Oprah | Australia

gaia olivia newton john spa & retreat in byron bay australiaToday I was watching the Australian Oprah Show and heard about Gaia Spa and Retreat founded by Olivia Newton John.

I’ve heard about this retreat in Byron Bay but I didn’t know it was Olivia Newton John’s Business. I assumed that many women who heard about it would love to hear more stories, comments and reviews about this Spa in Australia.

Here are some facts that I found about GAIA:

The retreat is set on 30 acres and is designed as somewhere that’s stress-free, where people can have great food and live healthily.

There is heated swimming pool, sauna, spa & tennis court

I haven’t been that lucky to be there but it looks like it is a great place for relaxation, I’d love to be there soon.

If you have been to GAIA Spa & Retreat please leave your comments and reviews. Other women considering to go for a relaxing time would love to hear your story.

gaia retreat visited by oprah olivia newton john

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GAIA SPA & Retreat Reviews | Olivia Newton John | As Seen in Oprah | Australia — 2 Comments

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  2. Hello My name is Kerrie and i would like to know more about this resort,
    I have recently had an opperation and am struggling to get back to health.
    I feel i need help outside of my normal life and i think time away might be what i need
    Please return all of the information on your retreat as i think this may be what i need
    Thanking You KERRIE

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