Gastric Band Operation Contributed to the death of a Tasmanian Lady

The Australian publishes today a very sad news, a Tasmanian woman was wrongly diagnosed by a doctor after the mother of two became unwell after a gastric band operation that is aimed to help people to lose weight.

This is what The Australian published:

Weight loss surgeon had role in death

A SURGEON contributed to the death of a 26-year-old woman who had a weight loss operation, a coroner has found.

Mother-of-two Joanne York died in January 2010, 10 days after having lap band surgery at the Hobart Private Hospital.

Coroner Rod Chandler found the surgeon, Stephen Wilkinson, erred in his diagnosis after Mrs York became unwell following the procedure.

Mr Chandler said Mrs York had died of sepsis caused by the gastric banding operation but Dr Wilkinson had diagnosed a lung problem.

The coroner said symptoms of abdominal pain meant Dr Wilkinson should have performed a laparoscopy or laparotomy.

“By electing not to take this course Mr Wilkinson denied Mrs York her best chance of avoiding death,” Mr Chandler said.

Mrs York’s mother Christine Caudwell broke down in tears in the public gallery as the finding was handed down.

Mrs York was discharged from hospital the day after her operation, which was performed on January 21 2010, but returned five days later.

She was then allowed to leave hospital on January 30 but her condition deteriorated and she was rushed back for an emergency laparotomy.

She died on January 31.

The coroner said he had no criticism of Dr Wilkinson’s original surgical procedure.

My thoughts about it:

Image: National Bariatric LinkI think it is very sad to have to share these kind of stories. I would never judge a person who goes through this kind of operation with the aim of losing weight. In fact this is a very common procedure and most of the cases do help a lot of people to achieve a the goal of becoming slimmer. I just think that these things happen and it is very sad when it is you or someone you know who is part of the statistics. About the doctor, I don’t know what to say, I think he didn’t want his patient to be death but it might be very hard for the family of the lady to understand that it was a doctor’s mistake what contributed to the death of Joanne.

The picture above shows how the gastric band sleeve is place.

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