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Gemfields & Mila Kunis Celebrate their Latest Campaign, New York, America - 03 Feb 2014. Gemfields Campaign


Mila Kunis believes her Gemfields campaign “reflects an emerald”.

The 30-year-old actress is the global ambassador of the jewellery brand, a producer of ethically-sourced rare coloured gemstones. Earlier this week her new ad for the company was unveiled, which was shot by photographer Peter Lindbergh.

In the black and white photos Mila isn’t actually wearing any jewellery and shows off her natural beauty with minimal make-up and messy hair. Superimposed on top of her sultry poses are emeralds, which are also shown in their natural, unpolished state.

Speaking about the shots Mila explained how the idea came about.

“It’s beautiful to go bare. I don’t think enough people do it, and it’s so rare to see a campaign with no make-up that’s kind of effortless,” she explained to WWD. “It oddly reflects an emerald. You see all the imperfections in my face the same way that an emerald has imperfections in each and every gemstone.”

The campaign event took place in New York, where Mila joined a small pack of journalists, collectors and friends of the brand. They were all offered the chance to take part in a master class, helmed by specialist Joanna Hardy, on emeralds.

After learning about the precious stone, the brunette star shared her fascination with it.

“I love the fact that [emeralds are] so unique and so different, and not one is like another. If you look into it, each stone does have a very specific imprint,” she smiled.

“You can tell not only the country the stone came from, but you can match it to which mine it came from. There are not many jewels in this world that have that power.”

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