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If you’re planning on showing a bit of leg this party season, you’ll probably be considering your fake tanning options.

After all, bronzed limbs set off a sparkly frock far better than pasty pins.

But during the colder months an all-out summer holiday tan can be a bold choice.

So, what’s the compromise if you want to look glowing rather than day-glo?

We chatted to self-tanning maestro Rebecca Goodyear, who says naturally-derived self tanner could hold the answer.

“Everything seems better when you’re sporting a tan,” says Rebecca.

“But in winter conditions topping up your tan outdoors is not so realistic.

“over a harsh chemical-based product.

“Natural tanning formulas are more subtle and designed so that the active ingredient, dihydroxyacetone – a natural carbohydrate derived from sugarcane – only reacts with the dead top layers of skin.”

The advantage of organic, natural self-tanning products is that they’re kinder to the skin as they’re often packed with naturally-derived goodies which balance the skin’s moisture levels.

“During the cold winter months, skin needs extra hydration and moisture so it’s worth opting for an extra-rich formulation with natural soothing, hydrating and moisturising ingredients, such as aloe vera, chamomile and avocado oil,” says Rebecca.

“I like U Little Beauty’s Luxurious Natural Fake Tan which doesn’t have the usual fake tan smell, it doesn’t streak and won’t stain your clothes or your bed sheets either,” she adds.

Here are Rebecca’s top tips for party tanning perfection:

1. Don’t wax or shave on the same day as you are going to fake tan. Ideally you want to wax 48 hours before to allow the skin to heal, and shave 24 hours before.

2. You need to exfoliate all over to ensure even coverage of fake tan. Steer clear of scrubs that are oil-based as the oil will sit on the surface of the skin and make it difficult for the fake tan to be absorbed. Instead, look at body brushing or using a loofah with a natural soap.

3. After scrubbing yourself down, take a warm shower (not too hot else you will irritate the skin as well as open pores so that they take on more tan!) using a soap and rinsing well to ensure all dead skin cells and soap residue are washed away.

4. Be sure that you are completely dry all over to encourage even absorption and therefore colouration of the skin.

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