Glycolic Peels in Sydney


What is a Glycolic Peel?

Glycolic acid is an Alpha-Hydroxy Acid (AHA) which naturally occurs in sugar cane, it has the smallest molecular size of all the AHA’s allowing it to better penetrate the skin. Lactic Acid is derived from milk and whilst it is excellent at resurfacing the skin it also increases skin’s moisture levels. It is applied to the skin in various strengths ranging from 20-70% for varying time frames depending on the desired result and skins response. It loosens the thickened surface layers that appear as dry, rough, scaly skin and stimulates the production of collagen in the deeper layers. As the uppermost layers are sloughed away, a smoother textured and healthier skin is revealed.

What are Glyocolic Peels good for?

Glycolic peels are used to treat mild sun damage, pigmentation and loss of elasticity.
What are the advantages of having a series of  peels?

  • This procedure helps to break down the cross linkages between aging skin cells
  • Speeds up the cell turn over rate
  • This treatment helps stimulate collagen production and other skin molecules to produce plumper, more even skin
  • Women who go under this treatment get more rejuvenated skin has a more youthful glowing appearance
  • Fine lines may be reduced
  • Age spots lightened
  • General pigmentation problems might be reduced
  • Acne improved and large pores become less prominent

How many treatments will I need?

Ideally 4-6 peels at weekly intervals are recommended by cosmetic surgeons for noticeable improvements. More or less may be required depending on the condition being treated, your desired results, the strength of the peels and home skin care regimen. Once you have achieved your desired results cosmetic doctors recommend maintenance peels  at 2-3 monthly intervals combined with a daily AHA skin care regime to retain the benefits. The ongoing skin care program uses advanced skin care products that contain a therapeutic level of AHA’s at an active pH and other active ingredients.

Who is it for?

  • For men and women of all ages
  • Ideal for all skin types showing signs of aging or acne
  • Good for people who do not need or feel ready for deeper resurfacing
  • Lower strength peels are best for those people who do not want any visible peeling

How much for a Glycolic Peel in Sydney?
The Cosmetic Medical Clinic in Sydney located in South Wentworthville run by Dr. William Steinberg offers Glyolic peels from $250 dollars.


I am looking for other cosmetic clinics that offer Glycolic Peels in Sydney to provide you with more prices. In Western Australia the prices are around $100 per session.


Careful with the Glycolic Peels Treatments that you can find on the Internet


While preparing this document I found that there are some sites on the internet that are offering the substances for sale on the internet (even from Amazon) so you can perform this treatments at home.  Since this is a chemical product I would be very careful doing this at home.  I believe it is best to go to the expert since you don’t want to damage your skin. You might get burned and you don’t want your beautiful face to look ugly, do you?

I wouldn’t do this at home!

Does it give Results?


I have read different testimonials and stories from different people and most of them report great results but others report severe swelling.


Please share with Sydney4Women if you had or not good results with this Peel!

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