Grainger Loves Bonnie Outfits

"Lone Survivor" New York Premiere - Arrivals. Authentic 1930s Outfits


Holliday Grainger thinks her Bonnie and Clyde costumes are “beautiful”.

The 25-year-old actress embodies real-life American outlaw Bonnie Parker in the new TV series.

As part of her role Holliday had to step into authentic outfits from the 1930s, which helped her get a feel for who her alter ego really was.

“I love that juxtaposition [of having a beautiful wardrobe and carrying around a shotgun]. That’s who Bonnie wanted to be,” Holliday explained to

“She wanted to be this cool, glamorous fashion icon. The outfits were beautiful. Marilyn [Vance], the costume designer, did an amazing job. My trailer was plastered with pictures of the 1920s and 1930s front covers of Vogue, and Bonnie’s outfits were straight off the covers of Vogue. It was amazing!”

Holliday has previously spoken about how comfortable she feels when preparing for roles. Her previous projects include period dramas Great Expectations and Anna Karenina.

“I’m very lucky as I’ve never ever felt any pressure from any producer to lose weight whereas a lot of actresses have,” she admitted. “So if ever I feel that pressure from someone inside, then maybe ask me that question again and I may be down the gym and eating no carbs.”

She has also spoken about how she feels confident to bare all for her work.

“I’m perfectly comfortable naked. I have that thing where I never think of myself as at all sexy so I’m like a two-year-old; I’ll just be naked, that’s fine,” she confessed. “They’re just bodies – people shouldn’t make so much of a fuss.”

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