Grazia Magazine Australia is Gone

Grazia Magazine February 2013 | Last Issue in Australia

The picture above is the image of the last issue of Grazia Magazine in Australia.

Bauer Media had decided to say good bye to Grazia Magazine Australia.

February 15
Bauer Media and the Mondadori Group, partners in the Australian edition of Grazia, have decided to cease publishing the magazine, with the last issue to be on sale on February 25, 2013.

Grazia launched in Australia in July, 2008 and currently attracts 197,000 readers weekly, reflecting the editorial team’s consistent delivery of a quality and compelling magazine.

Bauer Media CEO Matthew Stanton said the decision to close Australia’s first and only weekly fashion magazine was difficult and disappointing.

“Over four and a half years, the Grazia team, week in and week out, have brought readers a 100+ page glossy fashion magazine produced to the same high standards as a fashion monthly – a huge achievement of which we are very proud.

“Unfortunately, despite everyone’s best efforts and the ongoing commitment of the team, market dynamics are not able to sustain Grazia’s weekly format.

“Bauer and Mondadori have therefore reluctantly concluded that Grazia is not commercially sustainable in this market.”

Mr Stanton added that affected staff were being consulted and every effort would be made to find roles for them on other Bauer titles. Grazia editor Amy Molloy will continue to write for Bauer Media titles.

I would’ve thought that the loss of Grazia would’ve had more impact on the net but it was even hard to find a picture of their last issue.

The news agency blog says that the results have been mixed:

The final edition of Grazia magazine, billed as a collector’s edition, has achieved mixed sales results based on what I have seen in my newsagencies and what I have heard from others. In most cases, sales were at the recent average for the title or one or two copies above – delivering a soft exit for the six year old title that sought to redefine the weekly magazine space through its fashion focus.

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