Green Lips

Portrait of young woman wearing pink wig over gray background. Green Lips are Making a Comeback


It might be a look that’s best associated with the Wicked Witch Of The West but, sure enough, green lips are making a comeback.

Just look at Dolce & Gabbana’s newly launched limited-edition Sicilian Jewels collection, which features the bold emerald hue.

It’s certainly a striking look but is it one that’s particularly wearable?

“This lip look is incredible, so feminine but striking at the same time,” raves celebrity make-up artist Pat McGrath in an interview with

“It can be worn in a young, ironic interpretation or with a more grown-up, sophisticated vibe. Just like a piece of jewellery,” she insists, suggesting gold-toned make-up to enhance the jewel-like tone of the lipstick.

Dolce & Gabbana make-up artist Christian McCulloch explains that this line is about experimentation and having a little bit of fun.

“I would wear the green in a sheer way, mixed with a gloss or with a sparkle,” he says.

“You could also use it on the eye, used as a cream eyeshadow, with a slight gloss. Obviously, if you are doing green lipstick, the rest of the face would be minimal.

“With black eyeliner, mascara, and pale skin, it would be a little bit goth. It’s a directional color; it’s not a suburban look.”

Want to embrace the green lips trend? Dolce & Gabbana Lips in Emeraldo is available online and if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, why not check out Barry M Lip Paint in Touch of Magic 151.

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