Gums in Hollywood Celebrities

I am recently experiencing a gum problem. It does not only hurt but it has also become a beauty problem.

I have consulted my dentist who said there are treatments to improve the appearance of your gums. It is kind of a “surgery” that can help you improve the appearance in your smile.

My problem is that I have a crown and there is a gap between the crown and the gum.

I am considering the option of the surgery, although I believe that it might be painful and expensive I also think that I need to protect my tooth. In the meantime I leave you here with some pictures of celebrities that show their gums.

Dianna Agron

This picture is of Dianna Agron, I wanted to show her new nose job but I couldn’t help it and my attention was brought to her smile and her gums. I believe there is a crown there. What do you think?

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