Do you use the gym to escape?

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Kellan Lutz used the gym to “escape” Twilight fans.

The actor caught Hollywood’s eye when he played hunky vampire Emmett Cullen in the popular fantasy franchise.

He was widely admired for his toned, chiselled physique and admits it was the media frenzy the movies created that led him to work out even harder.

“I was bored. They put us in these mall apartment complexes – the fans and paparazzi were outside the whole time. So I bunkered down in the gym; it was my escape,” he revealed in the latest edition of UK’s Men’s Health magazine.

The 28-year-old heartthrob also took on the role of Poseidon in Immortals and plays Hercules in his latest blockbuster The Legend of Hercules.

He’s always showing off his famous muscles on screen, which means a good diet is essential.

“For Immortals, we all had dieticians: every hour they’d hand you eight almonds or a plate of spinach,” he revealed.

Kellan also puts his foot down if he can’t find a healthy option on the menu in restaurants.

Rather than breaking his good habits, he’ll get something custom made.

“Just ask if they have salmon and avocado and it they mind throwing together a salad for you. It’s being deliberately ignorant, but it works,” he laughed.

As Hercules, there are plenty of opportunities for the actor to prove his strength.

He revealed that the nature of the film means he’s in the best shape ever.

“Staying upright on a horse is hard on your abs, and swinging a sword really hits your core as well as your arms,” he said.

While he might seem perfect, Kellan does have dense bones.

“I had a full-body scan, and it turns out I have dense bones. The specialist asked if I like swimming and I was like, ‘I love it.’ [They said,] ‘But you sink right?’” he recalled.

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