Hair Extensions Can Leave You Bald like Kim Kardashian

I was publishing an article about female hair loss in women for my Cosmetic Surgery Stories Blog when I found a picture at the Daily Mail of Kim Kardashian.

Have a look to the picture:

This is what the article says:

“The perennially groomed 31-year-old reality star was seen with a thinning patch at the side of her head.

Kim, who is known for shelling out thousands for her long brown hair extensions, appears to be paying a high price for her hair styling regime.

Naomi Campbell, Alexandra Burke and Tamara Beckwith have all suffered from hair loss as a result of over-tight extensions and weaves – and just general hair abuse.
Trichologists say that quite often with celebrity hair thinning or loss nowadays, hair extensions are to blame.

Damage: Kim, who is known for shelling out thousands for her long brown hair extensions, appears to be paying a high price for her hair styling regime
The traction caused by wearing the hair pieces over long periods of time weakens the hair – which then isn’t helped by chemical and heat treatments like dyes and straighteners.

My point is that once again it is proved that going to the extremes is never okay for us. If you are considering to wear hair extensions be careful and do not abuse the system or you will have to be prepared to pay the price like Kim is.

Another thing that I want to say is that many of us ‘normal women’ “suffer” from this “bald patches”. In real life I don’t think this is ‘baldness problem’, it is more that (we) ‘normal women’ do not have ‘perfect hair styles’ like celebrities do. It can be hard sometimes to accept that our hair doesn’t look any similar to those shiny and perfect hair-styles Hollywood Stars show.

One point to remember is that they have either tons of photoshops in glossy magazines or they have spent hours with professionals who know all the tricks to get them ready to shine like stars.

Girls: we can also shine, we are perfect the way we are, we are women, not dolls and we don’t have to look like celebrities do. The most important thing is that you are happy with yourself!

However, if it baldness bothers you so much there are a lot of treatments out there for hair loss that will help you overcome this issue.

Nicole Kidman was also seen with a bald patch today (8th of March Sydney, Time)

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