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'Out of the Furnace' film press conference, Los Angeles, America - 16 Nov 2013. Christian’s comb-over was intensive.


Christian Bale’s comb-over for American Hustle took two days to create.

The actor sports an impressive side parting in his new movie. Katherine Gordon, who was head of the hair department for the film, has revealed it was a tricky look to pull off.

“The process of creating Christian’s comb-over was intensive and took two days. The problem with creating a comb-over is that there really isn’t any model. In today’s world, the only comb-over is Donald Trump. We couldn’t replicate his haircut, because David O. Russell [director] said it wasn’t long enough,” Katherine explained to The Cut. “The other problem is that Christian has a ton of great, thick hair. He’s the best thing since sliced bread.”

The make-up team head Evelyne Noraz revealed that while the women spent around one hour being prepped for scenes, the men in the cast – also including Bradley Cooper – took around three hours due to consultations about “sideburns and moustaches”. Christian was apparently determined that his chest hair should look “perfect”, so a team spent four hours working on it.

Katherine recalls that director David O. Russell had very set ideas about how Christian’s comb-over should look on the big screen.

“In the script, David wrote specifically that he wanted the comb-over to open up,” she explained. “David wanted it to look high, but thinned out on the edges. David kept saying ‘Higher, higher,’ but I said, ‘There’s no hair to make it higher.’ In the end, I stuffed it and Christian made that part of his character. I also couldn’t thin it on the edges no matter how I did it… I ended up having to build a little hairpiece on the edge. It was a really complicated haircut.”

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