Hair Removal :<) What Celebs Do to Look Hairless Everywhere?

Maria MenounosI observe and observe pictures of celebrities everyday and it really amazes me that that they look like little girls with no hair at all anywhere.

Those famous ladies wear extra tiny bikinis and of course they wear strapless and all different kind of outfits that give room to show their underarms and they all look as if they had never ever had any hair on those parts where most women have ‘unwanted hair’.

If we get to see one famous face who dares to show her human condition in a picture where we can observe hair in those private parts all bloggers, celebrities websites and glossy magazines show how ugly that looks.

I was observing closely some images of those popular beauties and I found 2 good close ups that I want to share with you.

Sophie  Monk Bikini Hair

I always wonder what celebs do to show totally hairless skin. I believe that any woman who has used the razor to shave those ugly hairs from the bikini area has got tiny bumps in the bikini area. When I look at pictures of the ‘stars’ I observe that they don’t show a tiny sign of having that problem. Finding the picture of Sophie Monk made me glad because it shows her human side and it helps me prove that we women made of bone and skin (not plastic) so it is normal that our skin gives signs of being alive.

About those tiny bumps I found the following info:

Razor can be responsible for bikini area bumps. In most cases the bumps on bikini area are caused by ingrown hairs. Women should know that when you shave or remove pubic hairs, the hair could grow outside the hair follicle and then curve back into the skin or it could begin to grow and then curve enough to grow through the hair follicle wall – this is how the bumps on bikini area appears. You think it is a pimple but in reality it is inflammated and/or infected ingrown hairs. Actually, it is your body fight against “wrongly growing” hairs.

Bumps on bikini area can be uncomfortable, painful and itchy.

Usually bikini area is not exposed to open air besides some exceptions including summer holidays, professional cases (circus, swimming sports, etc.) and some specific lifestyles. As bikini area is normally “closed”, this area can be often sweated with excessive oil and bacteria. Existing bacteria can be activated by “fresh” bikini shaving and these bacteria could be a trigging factor for bumps on bikini area. Bikini line shaving opens pores and existing bacteria gets into open pores – this can cause and exacerbate bumps on bikini area.

This Women-Health website provides some info on how to avoid bumps in the bikini are. Here are a few:

  • Keep bikini area clean, free from bacteria and local sweating. Regularly exfoliate the skin on bikini area (1-2 times per week). If you discover any hairs under the dead skin, the exfoliation of the cloth or toothbrush will bring them out.
  • Avoid tight cloths – tight clothing traps moisture on bikini area and can rub against the skin causing irritation and bumps.
  • It is recommended to have hot shower or tub in 5-7 minutes in advance before pubic hair removal – it will warm up the skin on bikini area and prevent skin cut during shaving and/or hair removal.
  • Use new good quality razors which cannot irritate and damage the skin on bikini area. Never use an inexpensive razor.
  • Bikini area hairs should be shaved in the direction of the hairs’ growth. If you shave against the grain, you will be more likely to experience razor bumps or ingrown hairs on bikini area.
  • Always use shaving gel prior to shaving bikini area. Without shaving gel and/or lubrication, and without smooth shaving, the bikini area sensitive skin can be damaged and the chances for bumps on bikini area can increase.
  • Avoid synthetic underwear as synthetic materials cannot “breathe” properly which means that bacteria and sweat can be trapped on bikini area provoking development of bumps on bikini area.
  • If you can see ingrown hair on bikini area, just lift it with clean (sterilized) needle before starting pubic hair removal.
  • Avoid pubic hair shaving and/or removal if you already have bumps on bikini area – don’t provoke worsening of the situation and new ingrown hairs.
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