Haircuts that increase your chances of dating

Let’s accept it: image is important and haircuts are part of our image but what we don’t know is that a hair style could be the total difference when it comes to increasing your chances of dating.

The NYPost published an interesting story of a hairdresser who discovered the impact that her job was having in the relationships of her clients that she decided to specialise in this type of hair styles.

It all started when Mischa G, a Manhattan hairdresser received a grateful message from a client thanking her for the look she crafted for him the previous day.
“Your haircut got me a threesome!” from a 21-year-old Hunter College student. A second message said: “Next time, I’ll give you a bigger tip!”

This text message made Mischa reconsider her business strategy. This is how she started her “The Get Laid Haircut” business.

The benefits that Mischa’s haircut are experienced in the bedroom.

real woman | Before and After Haircut pictures
This is the picture of AMy Distler a normal woman who got a nice haircut and her chances up dating increased. This image was published by the NYPost and the Photographer is Tamara Beckwith

Interestingly, the now famous hairdresser says: “actually, most people find they look their best after it [the style] has settled down a bit on day two or day three,” she stresses.

Men and women can enjoy of the benefits of a sexy haircut.

Philip McElroy  before and after haircut
Philip McElroy beefore and after a haircut. Images were published at the NYPost. Photographer:Brian Ach

What is the secret of a haircut for dating?
says Mischa

Mischa G instagram picture
“I get a lot of my inspiration from a bunch of drag queens who were my clients upstate,” reveals Mischa. “They aren’t necessarily the most confident people in the world, but they learn how to build up their confidence by altering their appearance.

“I’m a firm believer in the theory: ‘fake it until you make it’ — look and behave like you are fabulous and,after a while, you will be.”

This beautiful hairdresser might be very far away from you but you might be able to get similar results by getting a good hairstylists who can manage to get you a haircut that you love. If you love how you look others will see how confident you feel and that is when the sparkles will get started.

You can find Mischa on Instagram:

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