Harry Styles commands catwalk

Harry Styles was given a catwalk lesson by Cindy Crawford at the weekend.

The 19-year-old singer and his One Direction bandmate Liam Payne joined the brunette model for a humorous show as part of 1D Day on Saturday.

Filmed at the YouTube Space LA in California’s Playa Vista during a seven-hour livestream video the two heartthrobs are seen strutting their stuff down the runway and pulling poses.

At one point Harry sits on the catwalk, seductively staring into the camera and resting his arm on his knee. Liam opted for the more casual ‘hands on hips’ pose and leaned forward to give a smouldering look.

The pair then joined expert Cindy, 47, and walked with her arm-in-arm down the shiny stage.

One Direction’s fan day was thought up several months ago when the group – also made up of Zayn Malik, Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson – decided to “give something back to the fans who had been there for them no matter what”.

The live video was available to watch all over the globe and the boys were divided into groups to undergo a range of activates.

Harry is good friends with Cindy and previously posed for photos with her kids Presley and Kaia.
Harry Styles Facial Close Up with a messy hair
The model also revealed the curly-haired lothario once helped her two youngsters make tasty treats during a spontaneous visit.

“He stopped by to say hi when my kids and I were making pizzas. My kids were doing their own little pizzas and they couldn’t slide them off the pan,” Cindy recalled to V magazine earlier this month.

“Harry goes, ‘Well, did you put down enough flour so they wouldn’t stick?’ And my husband says, ‘How in the world do you know that?’ and my little girl chimes in, ‘Oh, he used to work for a bakery, Dad. Everyone knows that.’”

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