Health Funds Cover Costs of Cosmetic Surgery

I have been contacting a few plastic and cosmetic surgeons to gather the information women need to make their decisions about cosmetic surgery and I found that if you have a Private Health Fund some of the expenses of your cosmetic surgery could be cover by your health fund like Medibank Private, NIB and many others.

Don’t make a decision just by reading this. Find out information relevant to your own case. I tell you what I found out.

For a Tummy Tuck procedure that costs between $13,000 to $15,000 with a qualified plastic surgeon in Sydney you would be paying out of your pocket between $6,000 to $8,000.

This is because most health funds would cover your hospital expenses that are around $7,000 +.

You still have to pay your excess though.

Medicare would also give you some money back if you get a referral from your GP when you go to the first consultation with your cosmetic surgeon.

So, if you have a health fund you would be saving a lot of money if you want to go for a cosmetic surgery procedure.

The more accurate information would be provided to you by your doctor.

Make your research well before attending the first consultation since expenses start from the very first appointment when you have to pay around $180 dollars (again you can claim some money back from Medicare if you get a referral from your GP).

You could also considering getting Finance for your Cosmetic Surgery.

In some cases Medicare could cover your cosmetic surgery if you get it done through the public system.

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