Heels are impressive

Jeremy Scott - Front Row - MADE Fashion Week Fall 2014. When to wear heelas.

Joe Jonas gives “props” to girls who wear heels.

The singer is no stranger to the fashion circuit thanks to his gorgeous model girlfriend Blanda Eggenschwiler.

Due to his relationship with the fashionable socialite, Joe has been busy enjoying the New York Fashion Week buzz and attended the Guess party earlier this week.

He even offered up his view on the trend to wear high heels, even in the snowy conditions the Big Apple is currently experiencing.

“Work it out,” he said to StyleCaster. “I think it’s awesome. I give them props. Look, it can be stupid if you have to walk to where you’re going, but if you’ve got your Uber car or your taxi, you’re fine.”

However, he does draw the line at not paying attention to layers.

Joe feels for the front-row ladies who wear tiny dresses to taken in the Fall/Winter 14 shows.

“I think obviously you want to be comfortable and warm, and I think it’s really bad when I see short, short skirts and no jacket,” he grimaced. “Just check your coat! You can give the five bucks to check your coat. Take the hit.”

It seems a life in the limelight with Blanda is starting to rub off on the 24-year-old.

He previously admitted that he’s started to pay a lot more attention to his own clothes these days.

“I love fashion,” he told The Journal. “Over the past year I’ve got heavily into it. Whether I’m going out for the night, or during the day, I love putting on something that pops and makes you feel comfortable.

“I’m a big shoe guy, too. I have far too many pairs.

“Whenever there’s a new style out, I’ll text my stylist: ‘Can we get a pair of those?’”

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