I don’t use my treadmill

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Heidi Klum’s treadmill just sits there looking “nice”.

The German supermodel is known for her slim physique and has been featured on the front covers of high-fashion glossies such as Vogue and Marie Claire.

While she has some great gym equipment at home, the star admits that much of the time she doesn’t bother with it.

“I have a treadmill that’s really great, but it just sits there unused,” she told Women’s Health magazine. “It looks nice, but I don’t have time to use it.”

Instead, Heidi likes to keep fit by spending time outside with her kids, doing thinks like bike rides and long walks by the beach.

The model celebrated her 40th birthday in June last year and revealed that she has noticed some changes since hitting her fourth decade.

“The metabolism definitely changes when you turn 40. I always thought, ‘That’s not going to happen to me,’ but it is happening to me. If I indulge more, I have to exercise more. I figured out what works for me,” she explained.

Heidi is more than just a pretty face and showed off her design skills when she collaborated with New Balance on a range of workout clothes.

The star explained what her aim for the line is.

“I’m not trying to reinvent the running shoe; that’s what [New Balance] does. I just push the envelope with the colour or the pattern, like this digital print that was inspired by a flower but has a kaleidoscopic effect,” she said. “They didn’t ask me to come on board to do a black legging.”

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