Heidi Klum’s Unhealthy Diet

I loved this picture. We always want to see what the stars eat to look the way they do.

They always tell us that they have healthy diets, lots of vegetables and lots of water and we (or maybe I) find it hard to believe that they would be eating ‘fast food’ when they have those amazing bodies.

The truth is that they do and to prove it here is Heidi Klum eating MacDonald’s.

I have a friend who used to deliver pizzas and he has told me stories of many cases where he had to deliver pizzas to celebrities backstages. Apparently what happens is that they are so busy getting ready for their events that they don’t even have time to feed themselves so even junk food is better than starvation.

Fast food becomes handy and that is why they are good businesses.

This is the body shape of someone who its MacDonald’s from time to time.
Heidi Klum's body shape

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