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There’s nothing like healthy looking hair to give us a confidence boost. With such a variety of products on offer and so many different hair complaints, it can be difficult knowing what to use. In this latest instalment of our Hero series, we look at a variety of problems and offer our views on the best products to use. Whether it’s dry ends, a greasy scalp or thinning locks, we have all bases covered.

Best For: Oily Hair

Dealing with greasy hair can be tough, but there are plenty of products around to help. We recommend using a clarifying shampoo once a week and only applying conditioner to the tips of your hair. With the right products, hair should feel soft and easy to style because the product removes all traces of residue – including styling products and the usual everyday build up. TRESemmé Fresh Start Dry Shampoo helps to revitalise locks and keeps them looking fresh. This has a lightweight formula so your hair won’t feel heavy or greasy after application and it will even add volume to your look. Pantene’s Purity Clarifying Shampoo is free from moisturisers that often weigh hair down. It gives a deep clean and eradicates all residue, without hair feeling dry. This is a great option when oil levels get really bad.

Best For: Dry Hair

Parched locks and split ends are a common complaint, especially for women with long hair. There are many known causes for dry hair, with everything from the weather to styling and products blamed. Shampooing too often can be an issue as this can strip hair of natural oils, and it’s a good idea to avoid silicone-based shampoo. Herbal Essences’ Bee Strong Shampoo promises silkier, stronger hair after one single wash and will leave your locks smelling gorgeous with its fragrance of honey and apricot. This is a great option for anyone with long hair and split ends.

Not using conditioner and perming or dying your locks is also a trigger. Of course blowdrying, straightening and curling all exacerbate the problems, so let your hair dry naturally whenever you can.

We recommend using a leave-in conditioner or deep conditioner for split ends and dehydrated hair. Aussie Moist’s 3 Minute Miracle, described as “liquid relief for thirsty hair” gives locks some much-needed moisture and smells heavenly.

Best for: Problem Hair

Sometimes our hair problems go beyond dry ends or a greasy scalp. You may have experienced thinning locks as a result of age, stress or even pregnancy. We love Aveda’s Invati range, which reduces hair loss due to breakage and helps you hold on to the locks you have for longer. The range consists of an exfoliating shampoo to remove build up and renew the scalp area, a thickening conditioner to reduce breakage and improve elasticity and a scalp revitaliser to energise your head. All the products also include a blend of invigorating herbs such as ginseng and turmeric.

Dandruff and an itchy scalp is also a common complaint. Known contributing factors include allergic reactions to products, overly frequent shampooing and low humidity. Make sure you drink plenty of water throughout the day to boost hydration levels. We have found Neutrogena’s T/Gel medicated shampoo is useful in the battle against psoriasis and dandruff. Its primary active ingredient is coal tar and we advise leaving it on the scalp for a few minutes after application before washing it out. And remember to shampoo with lukewarm – rather than hot – water to avoid stripping your scalp of natural oils.

Best For: Dyed Hair

When it comes to coloured tresses, hair care really comes into its own. Obviously products are important, but even more so is the rest of your routine. Used to washing your hair daily? Sorry to break it to you, but that needs to be a thing of the past. It’s especially important not to wash your locks soon after a trip to the hairdresser – you don’t to wash your stylist’s fee down the drain after all. Leave it at least two days and following on, try to wash your hair an absolute maximum of every other day – really twice a week is best.

Pick a shampoo for coloured hair, such as the TIGI Bed Head Colour Goddess range. It suits all hair types (dry or greasy etc) and shades, is gentle on tresses but really clears away grease and styling product build up. Redken’s Colour Extend is also a good option, with the Radiant-10 spray helping protect from UV rays which can dull dyed locks. Also don’t use too much shampoo – if you have short hair, slapping on a massive blob will only wash out even more colour.

Conditioner can also strip colour away, so try a leave-in version like Dove Hair Colour Radiance Leave-In Conditioning & Care Spray. This is light enough even for those with fine hair and really works.

You’ll want to use a mask, but be careful with these if your hair is greasy or fine as they can make tresses look lank. If you do suffer from this, stick to the leave-in conditioner, if not go with Wella Professional System Professional’s Colour Save Mask.

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