High heels is a Winner Every Time to Feel Sexy says Leighton Meester

Leighton Meester Wearing high heels

“A great paif of heels is always a winner every time. It just gives you that extra oomph, so you fell sexier”.

Leighto Meester Shows Bum in Sexy Dress

Leighton Meester answered the above in an interview for Cosmopolitan Magazine. The question was: What fashion item never fails you?

The star also talked about what makes you sexy

“It’s all about just accepting what you love about yourself and that’s really sexy”

Another important thing that Leigthon said that shows how confident the star is about herself is her answer to the question:

How important is make up to your beauty routine?

I actually think, I’m prettier withuout make up.

I have also read from Glamour Mag what the star likes for casual clothes:

“I love to wear clothes like that when I’m playing Blair because it really adds to the character, but for my daily life that’s a lot of effort. I wear what I like and what reflects my personality. I’m a pretty casual person; I like to be casual, especially when I have to go to work and dress differently. You know, jeans and T-shirts. I’m an easy-dress type of person.”

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